Custom jeans manufacturing for your own brand

What do you want your jeans to look like? What about the right one? Professional jeans manufacturers are the best solution for custom branded jeans.
We’ve been specialized in jeans for many years, and we can do all kinds of denim wear for you. We are supplying top-quality jeans at factory prices. We can help you to make custom jeans as your creations. Please feel free to consult custom wedding dresses with us.
Price negotiations are very sensitive in business. As if the price is not reasonable, it will affect the transaction. The same is true of jeans manufacturing. Here we summarize four factors that affect the cost of jeans. Hopefully, that helps you understand why the price is different.
1 Designs: How does design affect the cost? Of course, the cost of complex jeans is different from that of a simple prom dress.
2 Material: Material takes about 1/3 of the total cost of denim. The higher price of the material is, of course, the higher the price denim wear will be. Compare with none stretch denim, the stretch jeans cost higher.
3 Quantity: Quantity also makes a difference in price. A small quantity will increase the cost of production.
4 Washing: Washing is important in jeans. In this step, the jeans can be washed to the desired color. The same price is different for the appropriate color and craftwork.