Why the Rolex Day-Date President?

Launched in 1956, the Rolex Day-Date immediately replaced the Datejust as the brand’s flagship collection. Unapologetic about its uniqueness, the watch was made exclusively of precious metals, whether solid 18-carat gold or the noblest platinum. The first watch to display both the date and the day of the week, it was an instant hit and became a must-have for world leaders and industry leaders. 
Numerous U.S. presidents have owned and worn Rolex Day-Date watches, and it is this association that has led to the model’s widely known “Rolex Presidents” moniker. However, Lyndon B. Johnson is believed to be the first commander-in-chief to wear the watch, and the model has since been forever known as the President’s Watch.
The name “President” is not officially used by replica Rolex to describe the watch itself, although it is the actual official name of the iconic Day-Date bracelet. The Rolex President bracelet is a triple semi-circularly connected strap made of the same luxurious metal as the rest of the watch and was designed specifically for the Day-Date, which was introduced in 1956.
Over the years, the Rolex President’s fan base has expanded thanks to the watch’s fickleness. In order to satisfy as many different tastes as possible, the Rolex replica has added a wide range of different bezel and dial options, and today it is the preferred choice of the top people in almost every field. Today, you see one on the arm of a heavyweight champion or a hip-hop mogul just as much as you see one on the arm of a somber senior official.
Warren Buffett’s example is actually one of the least obvious and most traditional, as you might expect. Gold has fallen in and out of fashion at different times, but it has always been there. As you can see from his general demeanor, Buffett bought his Rolex President when he first made it big in localdlish.com, and he’s been pampering it and holding onto it ever since.
From this point of view, Warren Buffett is indeed a true one-watch man. Almost every picture of him has an identical watch on it, and if you’re going to spend your life in the company of the same watch, what better choice than a fake Rolex Day-Date?