2019 Heritage Collection of Jesus Peiro Dress

As a digital influencer and content creator, there are a few of outstanding wedding dress designers that I really adore, Jesus Peiro is one of them. Founded in 1988, Jesus Peiro has celerated their 30 years business, from a tiny studio in the heart of Barcelona to a brand who is stocked in over 300 boutiques all over the world. Today I am so glad to introduce you more about this wonderful brand and share with you their latest collection of bridal gowns which were showed on the catwalk in Barcelona last month.
Maybe you are super confusing while hunting for your dress, as many advertizements of different designers and companies appeared anywhere, but you most of time you can’t get any meaningful information. Many of them are all about the low-cost/quick sale and turnover, while Jesus Peiro is one of those businesses who really care about you and your experience as a bride. The happiness of their brides is their absolute priority. So they really offer the best service for customers from their inner heart. We have found that one bride and her mother had both worn Jesus Peiro for their weddings some 25 years apart from one another.
This is a team who values the client experience over profit and Instagram fame for each time. This is a team who commits to the highest levels of craftsmanship, almostly match those of an established couture house, yet is surprisingly affordable, with all detailed handmade finishes and tireless creation which complement the dress perfectly.
Jesus Peiro was established by one Jesus Diez, who runs the business proudly all the time. The Creative Designer and behind the design of the summer dresses are woman Merche Segarra, who knows how to really design for women. Merche is an extremely talented designer whose signature style is clean and streamlined. Her creations are modern, elegant and feminine, they are light, playful and highly wearable. She is very capably assisted by her proteges and assistants Jairo and Alberto, both are talented designers personally.
“Our 2019 new collection tells the story that we have invested time and effort in order to do a better job every day. We are on a constant way to strive for excellence and we are proud to show the beauty of our craftsmanship. The collection tells that a Jesus Peiro wedding dress embraces the bride while she moves gracefully, which are following her shape. The bride is beautiful and happy, she also feels special and becomes unforgettable. We ask her how she is feeling when we notice each of her gestures. At the same time we analyse her shape and we take care of her wishes. When the bride fall in love with her dress at first sight, we are too excited to witness that moment. A happy bride- this is our heritage.” 
Within the wedding industry in UK, Jesus Peiro is a highly regarded brand. It is no surprise to me that many members of Luxe Bride, with whom we announced our exclusive partnership last week, are stockists of Jesus Peiro within their luxury bridal boutiques. These women understand a beautiful and well constructed garment when they see one. They understand high quality and exceptional levels of craftsmanship very well. They tell me that Jesus Peiro is a very good choose among gowns.
Jesus Peiro offer a wonderful choice in exquisitely crafted wedding dresses, and if you are hunting for a bridal gown as a newer, I really do recommend you to spend time trying on a few of their gowns, as they are simply incomparable. You’ll find a helpful UK stockist finder here on the Jesus Peiro website. And if you have any questions at all, no matter how small, around size, fit and how quick the gowns can be delivered, please don’t hesitate to email us directly, our working team will satisfy you anyway.
More and more stunning dresses will be shared with you in the coming weeks and months, please don’t forget to concern about us.